New Products

Our new superfoods for cats are rich in antioxidants and important functional ingredients. The combination of meat or fish and healthy superfood is super juicy, super delicious and super healthy. For all who pay attention to a good diet for their cat.


If cats clean themselves less, this is an indication that something is wrong. The same applies to the contrary, i.e. excessive cleaning. Read the tips of veterinarian Dr. Birgit Leopold-Temmler, to find out what you should do.

Sustainability and quality

We know how valuable our environment is and how much responsibility each of us carries. We prove this particular obligation, among other things, by the introduction of an energy-management system, which has been certified by DEKRA Certification GmbH according to DIN EN ISO 50.001. since 2015.


Our treats provide your favorites with everything they need to make them feel their best. For one, because they taste delicious, and on the other hand, because we have tailored them to the needs of your cat.