Healthy superfoods – now also for cats

GimCat has succeeded in combining so-called “Superfoods” with special natural active ingredients that promote the health of cats. Because of these double benefits, all of our new Superfood products also carry the addition "Duo". Our functional supplementary feed of the Superfood series consists of 13 new varieties in total: wet food, sticks, tabs and pastes.

They are perfect to refine the daily diet of your cat by offering a varied, healthy diet, with fruits and vegetables, in combination with delicious meat and fish.

What are superfoods?

In human nutrition, superfoods are already part of the diet of nutritious-conscious people. The term stand for fruits, vegetables and herbs, which have an above-average concentration of nutrients, having a positive effect on the organism as a whole and on the daily well-being. Thus, all superfoods are naturally rich in high-quality minerals and trace elements, as well as antioxidants. The latter bind the so-called aggressive “free oxygen radicals” in the cells and ensure effective cell protection.

Dr. Leopold-Temmler, veterinarian for small animals: For health and well-being, cats require an adequate amount of proteins, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. That´s why it is good that the products of the new GimCat Superfood range contain many functional ingredients.”

For the development of the novel food supplements, a lot of attention was pay to ensure a good acceptance. Dr. Gerd Großheider, from the product development department of H. von Gimborn LLC: “Not all varieties of fruits and vegetables are well tolerated by pets. Cats are especially sensitive, this being the reason why the superfoods in our products have been selected carefully.

What are the benefits of GimCat Superfoods?

It is true that cats are carnivores. However, this does not mean that useful ingredients from fruit or vegetables cannot be processed in such a way that they contribute to the health and well-being of cats. This is what we have done with our GimCat Superfood products.

GimCat Superfood Duo-Pastes

The GimCat Superfoods Immunity Duo-Paste for example combines liver taste and wild berries with vitamins and so-called ß-glucans to support the immune system of cats. The latter are extracts from the walls of yeast cells. Their task is the constant activation of certain white blood cells, which automatically recognize viruses and bacteria and destroy them. The Duo-Paste Digestion promotes digestion and the Duo-Paste Skin & Coat supports skin and fur.

GimCat Superfood Duo-Sticks

With the GimCat Superfood Duo-Sticks of the beef & apple variety, we have made use of the fact that apples are not only rich in vitamin C, but also provide digestible fiber components that support a healthy gastrointestinal flora. In addition, we have added taurine, which is essential for cats eyesight and heart function. The GimCat Superfood Duo-Sticks salmon with mango supports a shiny coat and healthy skin, the variant with chicken and wild berries supports the vitality of your cat.

All our GimCat Superfood Duo-Sticks have a grain-free formula and furthermore we can claim that there is “no sugar added”. Moreover, they contain a high percentage of meat, respectively fish.

GimCat Superfood Duo-Sticks are the perfect combination of beef and healthy superfood. Apples are naturally rich in antioxidants and vital ...

GimCat Superfood Duo-Sticks are the perfect combination of chicken and healthy superfood. Wild berries are naturally rich in antioxidants and ...

GimCat Superfood Duo-Sticks are the perfect combination of salmon and healthy superfood. Mango is naturally rich in antioxidants and vital ...

GimCat Superfood ShinyCat Duo

The GimCat Superfood ShinyCat Duo Tuna and Zucchini variety is particularly suitable for skin and fur thanks to the high content of magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium from the zucchini and the addition of biotin and zinc. The variety ShinyCat Duo with tuna and tomato especially promotes the cell protection of your cat, ShinyCat Duo chicken with apple supports the immune system and ShinyCat Duo chicken with carrot is good for eyesight and heart function.

All varieties of GimCat Superfood ShinyCat Duo are without added sugar, gluten-free and do not contain colorants or preservatives.

Tender, protein-rich fillets enriched with chunks of tomato, slowly cooked in broth. With vitamin E. Without dyes or preservatives. Without added ...

Tender, protein-rich chicken enriched with pieces of apple, slowly cooked in broth. With vitamin C. Without dyes or preservatives. Without added ...

Tender, protein-rich chicken enriched with bits of carrot, slowly cooked in broth. With taurine. Without colourants and preservatives. Without ...

Tender, protein-rich fillets enriched with pieces of zucchini, gently cooked in broth. With biotin and zinc. Without colourants and preservatives. ...

GimCat Superfood Duo-Snacks

The Mobility Duo-Snacks with tuna and pumpkin has been especially developed to support healthy joints and bones. The anti-oxidative beta-carotene from pumpkins protects against free radicals, and the pantothenate can help with muscular and joint complaints. Also we added Dimethylsulfon to this variant which is an organic sulfur compound that has an anti-inflammatory effect, supports healthy joints and helps to prevent chronic joint damage. This ingredient has a long history also in the preventive treatment of racehorses.
Moreover, there are Dental Duo-Snacks recommended for dental health, with chicken and parsley, for healthy teeth and fresh breath, as well as Immunity Duo-Snacks, with venison and prickly pear for a strong immune system.

All GimCat Superfood Duo-Snacks are without added sugar, preservatives and artificial flavors.