A cat’s immune system – what is important?

For the health of cats, the immune system plays an important role. If the immune system gets out of balance, the cat can easily become sick. A strong immune system is therefore essential for a cat to enjoy a healthy life.

Strengthening a cat’s immune system

A cat’s immune system is exposed to various risks every day. The body’s defence mechanism is particularly weak in very young or elderly cats, whose immune system is either not yet or no longer as strong. But even if fully grown, healthy cats benefit from specific micronutrients that have a positive effect on the immune system. These include vitamins E and C (antioxidants, radical scavengers) and the immunostimulant beta-glucans, whose effects are now scientifically proven.
It is especially important to strengthen the immune system of sick cats (for example if they have had viral or fungal infections) or cats being in convalescence after following strenuous operations or treatment.

You can serve this necessary extra portion of immunostimulant micronutrients as snacks, treats, as a delicious paste or in the form of new superfood products. There are many flavours and varieties available, making it very easy to protect and strengthen our cats’ immune systems to ensure they remain strong in all phases of life.