Nutrition, health and prevention are the key aspects of our premium pastes. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients that are ideally suited to cats’ needs, each paste offers your cat a range of benefits.



Our Every Day pastes supply your cat’s vital daily nutrients and taste good, too. Our three most popular pastes are now available with new and improved recipes.

The Every Day pastes are recommended by vets and guaranteed to contain no added sugar, artificial aromas, colourings, preservatives or lactose.


Multi-Vitamin Paste – to strengthen your cat’s immune system

A strong immune system is the key to a healthy, long life for a cat. And, just like with people, there are many phases in a cat’s life where the body requires a bit of extra support. This may be during and after illnesses, but also in everyday situations involving stress. Often, vitamins and minerals are required that a cat cannot absorb in sufficient quantities from their usual daily diet.


Multi-Vitamin Paste Extra – for healthy cell protection

Environmental stressors such as electromagnetic radiation, air pollution and UV all affect our cats and facilitate the formation of free radicals causing oxidative stress, for example, which can attack essential cell structures in a cat’s body. These dangerous, cell-damaging oxidative processes can be held at bay with antioxidants. Here, free radicals are intercepted by antioxidants and neutralised.


Malt-Soft Paste Extra – aids the excretion of hairballs

Cats spend around half of each day grooming themselves. While doing so, they continually swallow loose hairs, which form hairballs of different sizes in their intestines and may restrict the digestive system. Cats with particularly long hair, as well as overweight or older cats, suffer greatly from this hairball problem, which is often combined with reduced functioning of the gastrointestinal system.


EXPERT LINE PASTES – for the special nutritional requirements of cats

Our new and unique products meet cats’ specific nutritional requirements and improve their health.
The Expert Line pastes are recommended by vets and guaranteed to contain no added sugar, artificial aromas, colourings, preservatives or lactose.


Senior Paste – the anti-ageing formula for your cat

GimCat Senior Paste contains a high-quality active-ingredient complex to prevent this specific spectrum of age-related changes in order to help reduce the symptoms associated with them.


Urinary Paste – perfect all-round protection for the urinary tract

The first paste that counteracts both types of urinary stones (struvite and calcium oxalate urinary stones). As a result of their evolution, cats are economical with water by nature and their urine thus becomes highly concentrated in order to excrete as little water as possible. This means that they have up to a 700% higher chance of suffering from kidney and urinary tract disorders than dogs, for example. Taking in too little water, combined with dry food, as well as too much vegetable food and being overweight are the main causes of the various disorders of the kidneys and urinary tract and contribute towards the formation of urinary stones.

The GimCat Senior Paste was developed for the needs of older cats (from 7 years). The formula contains: 1. hydrolysed whitefish protein for an ...