GimCat Anti-Hairball Tabs 40 g

GimCat Anti-Hairball Tabs contain aromatic malt extract, elm bark and very important fibres, that support the natural passage of swallowed hair. Elm bark has an antiinflammatory and calming effect on the cats mucus membranes.

  • without added sugar
Articel number: 417646
Product Content: 40 g

Daily 4 - 6 pieces

Milk and milk derivates, yeasts, oils and fats, derivates of vegetable origin (dried malt extract 4%, grated elm bark 2%)

Protein22.0 %
Fat content12.5 %
Crude ash6.0 %
Crude fiber14.0 %
Moisture5.0 %

Vitamin D 1.147 IE Vitamin E 260 mg