GimCat BabyTabs 250 St

GimCat BabyTabs is through a combination of essential vitamins and natural calcium an optimal product for your baby cat. • Taurine – important for vision and heart function • L-Carnitine – supports the energy supply.

Articel number: 409818
Product Content: 85 g

daily about 8 BabyTabs pure or crumbles into the mash. For habituation of porridge can be gestippt on the lips of the cat-babies. For the adult cat, we recommend our healthy Katzentabs.

Milk and milk derivates, oils and fats, sugar, yeasts, derivates of vegetable origin, fruits (BabyTabs pink), meat and animal derivates, minerals

Protein25.0 %
Fat content24.0 %
Crude ash6.0 %
Crude fiber1.0 %
Moisture4.5 %

Vit. A: 9.000 I.U. Vit. B2: 9 mg Vit. D3: 1.800 I.U. Vit. B6: 12 mg Vit. E (alfatokoferol): 24 mg Vit. B12: 24 mcg Vit. B1: 2 mg Vit. K3: 1,5 mg Niacin: 49 mg L-carnitine: 4.000 mg taurine: 4.000 mg