GimCat Cat-Grass with fast germination 100 g

Cats need cat grass to regurgitate indigestible feed matters, like hairballs, bone particles, etc., from their stomachs. Instructions for use: 1. Cut open pouch along the indicated line. 2. Lift the flap and pour approximately 225 ml of lukewarm water evenly over the substrate. After approximately one hour, remove any excess water. 3. Place pouch with closed cutout in a warm well-lit place but do not expose to direct sunlight. 4. After about 3 days the grass will start sprouting. From now on, keep the grass moist at all times. 5. Within eight days the cutout will open and the cat grass can grow out to full length . 6. Once it grows to a height of 4–5 cm, you can spoil your cat with the fresh grass.

Articel number: 407289
Product Content: 100 g

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