GimCat Crispy Bits Dental 40 g

Crispy Bits Dental contain delicious chicken and catnip as well as cellulose cleansing particles to help prevent plaque and tartar. No sugar added.

Articel number: 418551
Product Content: 40 g

Feed up to five pieces per day.

Grains, meat and animal-based products (dried chicken, 5.7%), yeasts, fish and fish-by products, plant-based products (cellulose, 1%; catnip, 0.5%), plant protein extracts, minerals (sodium hexaphosphate, 0.6%), oils and fats

Protein26.0 %
Fat content6.5 %
Crude ash7.0 %
Crude fiber3.5 %
Moisture12.0 %

Vit. A: 13.600 I.U. Vit. D3: 1.360 I.U. Vit. E (alfatokoferol): 170 mg Taurin: 680 mg Contains antioxidant and preservatives

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