GimCat Denta-Tabs 40 g

GimCat Denta-Tabs contain valuable abrasives of cellulose, which support the abrasion of plaque. Sodium hexametaphosphate prevents the formation of tartar. Seaweads strengthen the teeth and mint provides a fresh breath.

  • without added sugar
  • without grain
Articel number: 420615
Product Content: 40 g

Daily 4 - 6 pieces

Milk and milk derivatives, oils and fats, yeasts, seaweed (dried seaweed 6%), dried mint (4%), derivatives of vegetable origin (cleaning particles made of cellulose 3%), minerals (sodium Metahexaphosphate 0,6%).

Protein21.5 %
Fat content18.5 %
Crude ash8.0 %
Crude fiber9.0 %
Moisture5.0 %

Vit. E 250 mg