GimCat Hydro-Gras 150 g

Hydro-Gras contains water-retaining hydro-grains which eliminate the continual need for watering. Instructions for use 1. It’s this easy: fill the grass bowl to the brim with lukewarm water. The water should be evenly distributed so that the contents of the bowl and the water that is added reach the edge of the bowl. Please do not pour away any of the water, as the water-storing hydro granules absorb all of the water within a few minutes! 2. Place the bowl in a light and warm spot (e.g. a windowsill). Avoid extreme sources of heat (direct sunlight, radiators, etc.). 3. After five to eight days, the Hydro-Grass will have reached a height of around five centimetres. In order to ensure that it remains fresh for longer and reaches its full height, you should now distribute one cup of water (approximately 150 ml) over the grass. You can then give the treat to your cat. Tips and advice: Cats require fresh greenery as a nutritional supplement. They often try to obtain this from houseplants. However, ethereal oils or pesticides used on plants can be highly toxic for your cat. Avoid this by treating your cat with GimCat Hydro-Grass. GimCat Hydro-Grass contains the grass that your cat needs to regurgitate swallowed hair. During cold times of the year, please note that it is important to use a newspaper underlay or something similar, as windowsills can get very cold. Metal windows also radiate cold, which does not support the growth of the grass. The duration of growth strongly depends on the light and temperature conditions, and the duration of cultivation may thus differ (approximately five to eight days). If you provide your cat with fresh grass, it will thank you with its health and well-being.

Articel number: 407296
Product Content: 150 g

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