GimCat Kitten Sticks with Turkey 3 x 3 g

GimCat Kitten Sticks have a high meat content and contain lots of calcium. Calcium is important for the development of the bones, muscles and teeth. GimCat Kitten Sticks – the perfect chewing and gnawing fun for between meals.

Articel number: 420448
Product Content: 3 piece

Kittens aged 4 months and over 0.5 - 1 sticks per day.

meat and animal by-products (93%, of which 32% turkey), mineral nutrients

Protein36.0 %
Fat content23.0 %
Crude ash8.5 %
Crude fiber1.5 %
Moisture27.0 %

Vit. D3: 500 I.U. Vit.E: 5 mg taurine: 1000 mg with preserving agent and antioxidant

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