GimCat Malt-Soft Paste Extra 50 g

GimCat Malt-Soft Paste Extra contains a anti-hairball complex that has a double effect. The combination of malt extract, high-quality oils and fibre helps swallowed hair to pass through the body naturally and reduces formation of more hairballs. In addition, it also helps to prevent digestive problems caused by hairball formation and the beta-glucan it contains supports the gastrointestinal tract.

Articel number: 407364
Product Content: 50 g

Give 5 cm a day (1 cm = approx. 0.5 g), ideally by hand, straight from the tube. Can also be added to food. Quantity can also be doubled if required. Feed at room temperature.

derivatives of vegetable origin (malt extracts 43,7 %, cellulose 4 %), oils and fats, yeasts

Protein5.5 %
Fat content38.5 %
Crude ash5.0 %
Crude fiber2.5 %
Moisture12.0 %


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