GimCat Nutri Pockets Junior Mix 60 g

GimCat Nutri Pockets Junior are crispy pouches with a tasty filling especially for young cats. Young cats need three times as much calcium as adult cats for healthy bones, muscles and teeth. The taurine contained in the pockets supports eyesight and a healthy heart. For a great start to your cat’s life.

Articel number: 418261
Product Content: 60 g

Up to 20 pieces per day.

Cereal, meat and animal by-products, oils and fats, vegetable protein ´ extracts, fish and fish by-products, milk and dairy products (yellow Nutri Pockets: dried cheese, 4%; light yellow Nutri Pockets: dried milk, 4%; light red Nutri Pockets: dried yoghurt, 4%), minerals, vegetable by-products.

Protein30.0 %
Fat content20.0 %
Crude ash6.0 %
Crude fiber1.5 %
Moisture0.0 %

Vit. A: 9.000 I.U. Vit. D3: 630 I.U. Vit. E: 90 I.U. Taurin: 1.000 mg

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