GimCat Schnurries salmon 40 g

GimCat Schnurries contain lots of tasty ingredients, appetising salmon and taurine, essential for excellent heart function and eyesight. TGOS, an important prebiotic, has a positive effect on the growth of good intestinal bacteria and helps ensure a normal biological balance in the intestines. This all improves your cat’s well-being. Follow article: 409788 Schnurries salmon 50 g

  • with fish
  • with taurine
  • without preservatives
  • without flavor enhancers
Articel number: 418391
Product Content: 40 g

Fully grown cats should be given up to 6 Schnurries a day; the quantity may be doubled for young animals as from 8 weeks and for older cats.

Milk and milk derivatives, oils and fats, sugar, yeasts, fish and fish derivatives (dried salmon 4 %), lactose derivative with TGOS* (1 %).

Protein23.0 %
Fat content20.0 %
Crude ash6.0 %
Crude fiber2.0 %
Moisture4.5 %

Vit. D3: 1.147 I.E. Vit. E: 260 mg Vit. B1: 27 mg Vit. B2: 20 mg Vit. B6: 13 mg Taurine: 2.000 mg Contains colourant

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